My name is Thalia Laric. I am an independent dance artist from Cape Town, South Africa. I studied dance and choreography at the University of Cape Town and completed my Masters in Choreography at Rhodes University in 2013 focusing on improvisation practice. I have worked professionally with South African companies such as First Physical Theatre Company, FTH:K, and acclaimed choreographer Nicola Elliott. I am one of the founding members of the Underground Dance Theatre, New Dance Lab and Music Dance021. I have taught dance at the University of Cape Town, Rhodes University, AFDA Cape Town, and regularly teach Contact Improvisation classes in Cape Town and Amsterdam.

For several years I have been refining my professional practice by developing my skills in improvisation technique and real-time composition - as a teaching methodology and choreographic approach. Particularly I have been following the work of Katie Duck, Julyen Hamilton and Nancy Stark Smith. I frequently collaborate in performance projects with other dance artists and musicians, expanding my own practice and discovering new opportunities for interdisciplinary exchange. I have recently also been involved in performing in dance productions for very young audiences which I have enjoyed very much.

I currently run two projects: New Dance Lab, started with long-term collaborator Kristina Johnstone, and MusicDance021 a project started with partner Manuela Lucia Tessi.  Both these projects have at their heart the goal to create a space for artists to come together to share artistic and embodied practice towards the creation of radical new performance. My vision is for a sustained community of practice that foregrounds movement research, collaboration, interdisciplinary dialogue, and experimental dance performance.